Thursday, June 28, 2007

Regarding Crazy People

I just had a conversation with a friend of mine who happens to work for Hobby Lobby (for those unfamiliar with Hobby Lobby, it's an arts and crafts chain based in Oklahoma City, with several affiliated stores like Mardel, which is a Christian book store chain). She was talking to me about the fact that Hobby Lobby doesn't use bar code systems, thus everything must be done by hand, and employees must memorize certain sale items.

According to Hobby Lobby's website, they don't use bar code systems because "the high cost of the scanner system would hurt their ability to remain competitive in pricing." My friend, not knowing of this, asked her manager why they didn't use bar codes like normal stores. Her reply? (to quote my friend exactly from MSN):

"Hobby Lobby is a 'religiously-affiliated' company, and barcodes are considered (are you ready?) the mark of the beast."

So, this company stifles quicker business transactions and the potential to service more customers simply because of hang-ups related to a futuristic view of the Book of Revelation?

I'm hoping that Hobby Lobby's website is true, and their lack of bar code technology doesn't have anything to do with Biblical literalism.

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